150th celebration goals

  1. Strengthen the connection of the Missouri S&T name with our 150-year history.
  2. Strengthen the sense of pride and connection with campus among alumni from MSM, UMR and S&T.
  3. Create a greater appreciation and understanding of Missouri S&T’s role in advancing society throughout its 150-year history.
  4. Encourage a “people’s sesquicentennial” through the use of alumni/faculty/staff recollections to be shared via many communications vehicles (in-person events, online, in print, audio, video, social media, etc.)
  5. Create general excitement around the sesquicentennial through the creation and publication of a commemorative book of “popular history,” companion website and video.

150th timeline (tentative)

  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • Missouri S&T Magazine


  • April 2: First Campus Forum
  • May 31: Book manuscript draft completed
  • Summer: 150th Brand Camp, 2020 Homecoming planning
  • September: Brand Symposium (150th Track)
  • October: Advisory Committee Meeting
  • November: Second Campus Forum


  • February: Day at the Capitol/Engineers Week
  • March/April: Third Campus Forum
  • August: Fourth Campus Forum
  • September: Book published/Video project complete
  • October: Homecoming Kickoff – website launch/150 mark and graphic introduced; Fall "Festival;" Engagement Week
  • November 6: Founder's Day
  • December: Commencement speaker



  • January: Giving back program (MLK)
  • February: Engineers Week
  • March 17: St. Pat's
  • April: Leadership Week, Spring "festival" and Philanthropy Month
  • May: Commencement speaker, Golden Alumni Anniversary
  • June: First night at the ballpark, OGS Weekend
  • July: Second night at the ballpark
  • August: MinerRama
  • September: Celebration of Nations
  • October: Homecoming, Engagement Week
  • November 6: Founder's Day
  • November: Alumni of Influence event
  • December: Commencement (The next 150 years)

Missouri S&T Magazine

  • Fall/Winter 2020: past
  • Spring 2021: present
  • Summer 2021: Alumni of Influence
  • Fall/Winter 2021: future