Social Media Policy

Missouri S&T recognizes that social media is a way to raise awareness of our university, tell our story and build relationships.  

While there can be immediate benefits, social media platforms that span our university must be aligned with our social media brand standards, including brand identity and voice. We are all responsible for upholding the stellar reputation of our university by ensuring social content is professional, inclusive, reflective of our mission and brand, and compliant with policies established by the University of Missouri System.

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Many social media users include a prominent disclaimer saying who they work for, but that they're not speaking officially. This is good practice and is encouraged, but don’t count on it to avoid trouble - it may not have much legal effect.All eletronic content supercedes print documents, such as pdfs, on the domain.

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Revised February 5, 2019

Social media training

Learn how to effectively manage your social media accounts and represent Missouri S&T.  

During training you will learn how to accomplish the following:

  • Reach your social media audience
  • Implement best practices to effectively represent our university
  • Increase audience engagement to help you reach your goals

You will also be briefed on new social media policies, procedures and guidelines. At the conclusion of training, you will receive a certificate of participation.

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Social media training