Deleting A Page

It is possible to remove a page from the website. Be careful when deleting pages. Pages will remain in red until our overnight process runs. There is no way to recover the pages after the overnight process has completed.

Important: When you delete a web page, you MUST check for any web pages within your web site to ensure that there are no broken links pointing to the deleted web page. For instance, if your web site’s home page links to three other pages, and you delete one of the three pages, then you need to remove the link to that expired page from your home page. Otherwise, customers who visit your web site may experience frustration when they click on the broken link and they get a broken link error (often referred to as a "404 Error").

1.To delete a page, navigate to the page you wish to delete and log in to terminal 4’s direct edit view.

2. Once logged in ensure that the site that you are on is the one you intend to delete. Once you are sure you have the site selected click the "Delete" button in the Terminal 4 banner.


3. Once you click the "delete" button you will see this prompt, asking if you are sure if you want to delete the page.

Click OK to delete the page.
4.When the page refreshes, the page that was deleted will be highlighted with in red. The section will be visible for the rest of the day but should be gone by the following day or if not, within 24 hours.


A deleted page in the site structure in terminal 4 v. 7.4