Editing A Webpage

1. The first step to editing a page is to navigate to the page, the same way you would as if you were going to simply view the webpage normally, and log in to the Terminal 4 Direct Edit view.

2. To modify or add items to a content on the page, mouse over content that you want to edit and then click on the “Modify” button.

Modify content button in terminal 4 v7.4


3. A window like the one below will show up in the center of the browser window. This window is where you can edit the content of the webpage.

‌   Modify body content window for terminal 4 v7.4                


4. The name field determines the name of the content in Terminal 4. Be sure that the content is named something relevant. If you only have one body content something as simple as "body" will do, but when multiple body contents are present be sure to give each a unique name to identify it by. Same goes for every other kind of content. This will be important if and when you need to Re-Order content.

 The name category of the modify content box in terminal 4 v7.4


5. the title field determines the title at the top of the page (and what shows up in a search and serves as the default name for bookmarks/favorites)

An example of what a title looks like in terminal 4


6. The body content is what follows after, usually containing the bulk of the information on the site.

 modify window - body section

7. To edit the body content on the page, click inside the body field (or toggle to full screen mode first by clicking on the blue square), and make any changes that you wish including adding text, photos, tables, and other objects.

8. After you have finished editing the page content you can either save the changes for later revision before uploading by clicking "Save as Draft" or click the "Update" button to add the new body content to the site to await approval.

  • Please note that you will still have to approve the content if you press "Update". Pressing "Update" only puts the content into a pending state.


save as and update buttons


9. To approve the changed content and commit the changes to the live site, mouse over content that you want to approve changes to and select the approve option.