Logging into the Terminal 4 Direct Edit View

‌If you are training in Terminal 4 on the test server,
Click here before continuing


1. The first step to creating, editing, and adding content to a page is to go to the page you wish to edit, the same way you would as if you were going to view the webpage normally. (ex. "it.mst.edu", "mining.mst.edu", etc.)

an example page used as a starting point for logging in


2.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and and you will find some footer text just below the content of the page (the footer text is the grey text underneath the white section of the page with various bits of university information).


Instructs the usr to scroll further down the page to get to the Terminal 4 link


3. Once you've found the footer click on the link that says “Terminal Four”.


A screen cap of the link a the bottom of a page used to open up the T$ direct edit view in T$ v.7.4

4. After you click the link, you should be redirected to the Terminal 4 login page where you can login using your university credentials.‌

 A screencap of what the terminal 4 login window looks like in T$ v.7.4

5. Once logged in you should be greeted by a page similar to this, with the webpage you originally navigated to now having the added Terminal 4 overlay.

 ‌‌A sample image of what it looks like when a user first logs in to the direct edit view in T4 v. 7.4

Now you are ready to start editing and creating webpages!


 If, when you Log in, your page looks more like this

Invalid Certificate View


Then follow these steps below.

1. Open up a new tab and go to this link https://standard.tsm-test.mst.edu

2. You should see a page like this.

Standard Accept Certificate in fire fox for T4 v7.4

3. Click on the "I understand the Risks" option.

Screenshot with the "I understand the risks" section highlighted for the T4 v7.4 documentation


4. The window should now look like this with added information below "I understand the Risks"

screenshot of how to add an exception in firefox


5. Click on the "Add Exceptions" button

Add exception button for properly viewing the test site in T4 v7.4


6. A new window will pop up that looks like this

Confirm Security Exception screenshot for issues with logging in to the test site in T4 v7.4


7. Click the "Confirm Security Exception" Button.

 Confirm Security Exception Button for T$ v7.4


8. Lastly, if you're still signed in to Terminal 4 be sure to log out and log back again and the page should now be back to its original apearance.

If not feel free to contact web support at help.mst.edu Or by phone at (573) 341-4794 for additional assistance.