Mirroring Content

There are situations where a piece of content is used in multiple different sections. Instead of making multiple copies of the content, one copy of the content can be mirrored to several sections. This will allow that content to be edited from one section to update the same content on all other sections. This is most commonly used for a sidebar that is used on multiple pages.

1. Log in to the full Terminal 4 client

2. Mouse over the yellow square next to the section that has content to be mirrored.


3. Click on "Modify Content" from the drop down menu.



4. Highlight the yellow square again on this new page and click on the "mirror" option from the dropdown menu.


5. This will return you to the client page with the list of sites. Note that the top of the page will now say "Mirror content. Choose destination." Rather than "Show Site Structure"


 the page you are directed to once you start the mirroring process in terminal 4 v. 7.4


6. Navigate to and click on the name of the site on which you wish the content to be mirrored to and you will see this confirmation message at the top of the page.



7. If you go to the content section of the page you've selected you will now see the content you've selected to be mirror on that list with a small red cross next to it, signifying it is mirrored content.


Content that has been mirrored form another page in terminal 4 v. 7.4