Modify/Replace a Document or Image

Before uploading any image or document, you always need to make sure the file is in its final draft. This will save you the effort of having to make minor tweaks later and upload the file all over again.
1. To update a file that has already been uploaded into Terminal 4, navigate to the page where the file is located and log in to the terminal 4 direct edit view.

2. Once in direct edit view, hover your mouse over the page content and select the "Modify" option as if you were going to edit the content on the page.


3. In the group of buttons above the body content field to the far right you will see a button that looks like a white square with colorful shapes inside it (If you hover your mouse over it you should see the words "Insert Media").


4. Click the "Insert Media" button and it should open a window that looks like this.

The add media window in terminal 4 v7.4

5. From the insert media window navigate into the department folder where the original document or photo can be found. Most departments have "documents" and an "images" folder where files can be found.

navigate the add media window in terminal 4 v7.4

6. To modify a document or photo, Click on its name in the list and you will see the following window. Click on the "Modify" button.

The modify button on the select media window in Terminal 4 v 7.4

7. You will then be greeted by the window below. From this window you can change the name, description, and keywords of file as well as replace the file all together (find out more here). This is useful for if you want to update a document to a more recent or corrected version of itself without having to recreate your document links.

 The modify a document / image window in temrinal 4 v. 7.4


8. To update the file itself, select "browse" under the "Media" section and select the updated version of the file you are trying to update.


 The browse button on the modify files window in terminal 4 v. 7.4


9. Click on either update button to update the file.


The update button on the modify file window in terminal 4 v. 7.4