Logging In/Navigating the Full Client

1. Log in to the Terminal 4 site manager at https://tsmapp.mst.edu/terminalfour/SiteManager which will greet you with this page


or by clicking the Terminal 4 banner in the top left corner after logging in to terminal 4's direct edit view on a page.



2. Once logged in you should see a page like this.  From here you’ll be able to navigate to the Directory in which you wish to add, modify or remove content.  


3. Navigate deeper into the directories by clicking the [+] to the left of every site until you find the directory that contains the page you wish to edit.


4. Once the desired directory has been located, mouse over the yellow arrow to the right of the directory to view the options available for the site or section.

The page edition options for a page in the full version of terminal 4 v. 7.4