Reordering Content

There are several different reasons why one may need to reorder content. Terminal 4 defaultly will list content in the order that it is created. If one would like to switch two sidebar elements with each other or possibly switch pieces of body content so that one comes first before the other. One important thing to always keep in mind is that your body content must always come first before any other elements such as sidebars. When content is placed beneath a sidebar, due to an error in the sidebar code, it causes it to either dissappear or be formatted improperly. If you find that a content that you've created has gone missing or is not positioned properly, be sure to check its order on the content list in the full site manager.

1. Log in to the Terminal 4 full client.

2. Navigate to the page whose content you wish to edit and Mouse over the yellow square next to the desired section.


3. Click on "Modify Content" from the drop down menu.


4. To reorder content, simply use the move arrows highlighted in red. The two middle most buttons will move the piece of content up or down by a single level. The two buttons to the far left and far right will move the piece of content all the way to the top or all the way to the bottom.


5. When you’re finished organizing the content, click the "Save Changes" button.



6. You will get this confirmation if it was successful. Now if you navigate back to the direct edit view of the page you should now see your content reordered (Note: it will still take 5 - 30 minutes for the content order to update on the live site.)


The success message you get when reordering content is complete in terminal 4 v. 7.4