Site Menu Editing

‌The ability to access and edit the site menu is determined by the Electronic Marketing Communications Team (emarcomm). If a department does not have permissions to make changes to the site menu then a request must be made to Emarcomm for any changes. Once the Emarcomm approves a change, Web Support will then make the changes. Follow the step below to make changes to the site menu.

1. To edit the site menu, first login to Terminal four's direct edit view on the site which you wish to edit the site menu on.

2. Once logged in go to the Terminal 4 banner, click the "Site Structure" button,


the site structure button in the direct edit view on terminal 4 v. 7.4


3. navigate into the directory for the site you wish to edit and locate its folder titled "site_menu" and select it.


4. Once you've selected the site menu folder you should see a page similar to this.


 a screenshot of a site menu in terminal 4 v. 7.4



5. Hover your mouse over the text and select the "Modify" option.


6. From this window you can edit the text found within the site menu.

7. The text in the site menu will look like a bulleted list, each level of indentation representing a level in the site menu. You are allowed to have 3 levels at most within you site menu (Ex. mouse over option one > sub options appear, mouse over sub options > more sub options appear). The level of each item is determined by the indentation, an indented item is listed under the nearest non-indented item (in the example above “Breakdown” is under “High School Students” so when you mouse over “High School Students”, “Breakdown” and the options below it will be listed).

Use the outdent and indent buttons to adjust the indenting of each item you add to the site menu.


8. One important thing of note, before submitting site menu content, ALL SITE MENU OPTIONS MUST BE HYPERLINKS. If your site menu has an item on it that is not hyperlinked to a pre-created page then the changes will be rejected until the site menu meets the requirements.

9. When you are done making changes be sure to Approve Changes to make sure it updates on the actual site.