Printing and mailing

Because printers differ widely in capabilities, speed, quality and cost, our office works with printing services to find the printer best suited to the design requirements, schedule and budget of your project.

Printing generally takes two to three weeks, depending on the complexity of the publication. Special services (such as embossing) will take longer.

Need help?

All departments and student organizations are asked to work through Missouri S&T Printing and Mail Services for all printing needs.

Printing Guidelines

Printing Services

The process

Once you have given approval to for the publication to be printed, you will need to complete a Printing and Quick Copy Work Authorization Form and provide it to printing services. The publications office will work with printing services to submit files/artwork and receive a printed proof of the job. Both you and the graphic designer must review and approve the proof for final print.

We will work with printing and mail services to ensure delivery of publications to a campus location of your choice. You should make arrangements for storage in advance of delivery.

Mail services will print addresses and bar codes onto mail pieces using ink-jet addressing. You just send them a copy of your updated list and they can process it to meet your needs.

Respecting the privacy of Missouri S&T's alumni and friends is a high priority in the university advancement office. To receive mailing address information for alumni, you need to contact advancement services and submit a records request at least 10 business days in advance.

You should arrange to have your envelopes stuffed.