Phrase with description

The Phrase with Description content type is a great way to accent your page with a piece of important information. The phrase uses large thin weight font with lots of whitespace to draw a user’s eye to it. The description allows you to explain the phrase and provide links to other content.

How to use:

Add the Phrase with Description content item to your page. Fill in the Phrase input box with a short phrase. In the HTML input box for the Description, fill in a short paragraph. Refrain from using images. Within the text of the description you may put links to relevant content.

Phrase with Description


A test phrase

Imagine a phrase so short that it will actually fit into the box to the left. Crazy I know. It has to be pretty short, but luckily a short phrase is great for marketing. It grabs your user's attention so that they will be curious after reading it and read the text next to it. Maybe it expands on the phrase? It's your lucky day today. This text does exactly that.