Market research overview

In 2014 and 2015, Missouri S&T commissioned an outside firm to conduct research about perceptions of the university. Here are some of the major findings.

National awareness varies by audience. A national sampling of prospective undergraduate students rated Missouri S&T second to MIT in terms of unaided awareness of “excellent science and technology colleges and universities.” 24% of prospective undergrads named Missouri S&T — ahead of Stanford, Caltech, Georgia Tech and others.

Among prospective graduate students, awareness of Missouri S&T is not as strong. 16% of prospective grad students named S&T — below MIT, Stanford, Caltech and Georgia Tech.

Based on focus groups and in-depth interviews with employers, research partners and leaders at other universities, Missouri S&T’s name recognition continues to be a concern, and S&T is perceived by several as a regional university.

Academic excellence recognized. 42% of prospective undergraduate and graduate students rate Missouri S&T high in academic quality among a set of competitor and peer universities.

Meeting prospects’ expectations. Prospective undergrads want to study on a campus that is safe, where students are involved in activities and clubs, and where students are driven and know what they want. Current undergrads surveyed say Missouri S&T meets all three criteria.

An innovative, respected university. Prospective undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, faculty and staff all agree: Innovative and respected are the words that best describe Missouri S&T.

Alumni are proud Miners. 94% of alumni say they are proud to have graduated from our university.

Research conducted during the 2014-15 academic year by SimpsonScarborough. Focus groups and in-depth interviews conducted in fall 2014. Quantitative research conducted in January and February 2015. In-depth findings were presented to campus during open forums in April 2015.