Making a Homepage

Sometimes it is tempting to put all of your information up front, jamming as much content onto the page as it will hold, and totally ignoring an information architecture. But that's not the best way for users to navigate your site. Take time to categorize your site's content for its users and use that as a way to drive them to other pages from your homepage. Whether it's in the form of a heading, link, or description, you'll be able to use the categories you create as a way to inform the users about the structure of your site.

Think about your audience

Use your homepage as a way to cater to the site's users by informing them of the different types of content on your site.

Content type options: Focus BoxesAccordion Boxes, Body Content

  • Use content to drive users to the pages they find most important.
  • Use headings as a way to categorize the content for users.
  • Use a voice that speaks to the audience.
Use some imagery

Content type options: Image Heading, Standard Image

  • Use photography with faces to connect with your audience.
  • Or use a photo of some campus scenery with a short welcoming message.
Keep it simple

Think about the purpose of your content. Is it to inform or for some type of action? Once you've determined that you'll be able to simplify it to the most basic form.

  • Users view short snippets of information as more important.
  • Users scan the page and use headings to determine which part of the page to focus on.
  • Provide basic explanations if needed to drive users to content important to them.
Example homepages