Writing for the Web

Web content authors at Missouri University of Science and Technology are responsible for the content of the pages they publish. The following tips can help content authors create more engaging and audience oriented content.

Get to the point
Make it brief, make it short. State your point and start with your conclusion in front.

Keep it chunky
Small chunks of text are less intimidating to a user's eye. So, put a space between each paragraph, list information with bullets or use numbers to break out your points. You may also include subheads.

Put yourself in their shoes
Ask yourself: "Would I want to read this?" "Can I easily find what I'm looking for?"

Choose your words wisely
Know your audience. Do not use language that is unfamiliar to them.

Use hyperlinks
Creating a hyperlink highlights information and allows users to learn more about topic. Many times hyperlinks allow you to write concisely because your link will contain additional details.

Stay in style
You'll want to use the Missouri S&T Style Guide to maintain the official university writing style.