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In some cases your department may wish to display a feed of specific upcoming events on one of your pages. Using the Calendar RSS Feed content type, you can display any feed originating from, updated once per day. The feed will display events in the order that they will occur.

Finding a Feed

To locate the feed you want to use, visit and click one of the filters in the lower right-hand corner. These will allow you to narrow down events by category or department.

Once you are viewing through a filter, a box will appear in the lower right-hand corner labeled "Subscribe to these results." Click the RSS icon RSS icon and verify that a page with XML code appears. Take note of the URL displayed in your browser.

Adding a Calendar RSS Feed

To add an RSS feed or aggregation to your page, click "Add Content to Current Page" in the top bar of your Direct Edit window and select "Standard RSS Feed."

Selecting a Calendar RSS Feed type

You will be presented with the following interface:

Options for the Calendar RSS Feed type

Please fill in the "Name" box with a unique name for the content item. This field will not show up anywhere on your finished page.

Options and Features

Title of Feed This optional field allows you to specify a title to be shown above the RSS feed widget. If your feed contains upcoming computer science events, the title might be "Upcoming CS Events."

Description of Feed This optional field allows you to clarify for visitors what they may expect to find in the feed.

Event Feed URL Paste the URL you retrieved earlier from here.

Max Events This number allows you to set a custom limit for how many events should appear. Raising this number means more events will be shown in the widget. Please remember:  RSS feeds are a timely medium, not an archive--If your number of events shown means that events a year from now are appearing in the widget, you may want to reduce this number.

Positioning Much like other "floating" types like the Standard Slideshow, Standard Image, and Standard Video content types, this content type has a wide range of positioning options on the page. When used immediately before a Wrapping Body Content, it will allow text and other content to wrap around it like in a newspaper.

Wrapping Body Content Behavior

To wrap text around your RSS feed, place a "Wrapping Body Content" content type immediately after the feed.