Page Heading

The page heading content type is a single-input text field that becomes a highly visible, wrapping heading on your page. Like other wrapping types, the object to wrap around should be placed onto the page before the page heading.

If you need to rearrange your content items, click the TERMINALFOUR logo in the top-left of your Direct Edit interface, find and click the correct page in your site's hierarchy, switch to the "Content" tab, and use the small arrows to rearrange content. Be sure to click "Save changes" when the content is arranged how you would like it. To check that your changes were correct, select the "Preview" option from any of the content items' drop-down menus.

The page heading content type is best used on pages that utilize multiple wrapping body content types with their own headings/titles. For screen reader users, a page heading is considered at level 1 heading, whereas a wrapping body content heading/title is considered level 2.