Image with Description

Similar to the Phrase with Description content type, this content type consists of an fixed width image to the left and a responsive description area to the right. This content type works great for displaying faculty information, document information, image descriptions and much more.

Need to know:

How to use:

After you’ve added this content type as a content item on your page, you’ll select an image that you’ve already uploaded to the media library for the Image element. For the Description element, you’ll be able to format text as you would with the standard body content type.

Image with Description


Missouri S&T logo

The Missouri S&T logo, a dominant part of the signature that omits the “University of Science & Technology" logotype (text), should be used when space is limited or when the word mark is prominently featured.

The logo features a bold “S&T" to symbolize our emphasis on science and technology. The stylized ampersand features a miner’s pickax that symbolizes our heritage as Missouri School of Mines and the first technological school west of the Mississippi.

To protect the strength and integrity of the university’s brand, departments, student groups or other campus groups may not create a separate logo or wordmark. However, these groups may incorporate their organization's name with the logo. To help ensure a consistent look among campus organizations, please follow these guidelines.

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